Pranorom rapeseed oil 50ml

Pranorom rapeseed oil 50ml


Pranorom rapeseed oil

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Reduces the look of aging.


Brassica napus seed oil, tocopherol.


• Rapeseed oil is one of the few to contain both fatty acids from the Omega 6 and 3 groups. Taken orally, this oil offers the body structural elements that will control inflammatory skin conditions but will also ensure the delivery of molecules to structure cells of their plasma membrane.
• Very good source of vitamin E and thus antioxidant molecules.
• Very interesting as an essential oil carrier when they are to be taken orally.


50 ml


Apply oil to the desired area and gently massage. It blends well with other Pranar m vegetable oils and can also be combined with 1-2 drops of Pranar m essential oils per 5-10 ml of Rapeseed oil for added benefits and aromatic massage.